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iSkies Cosmodome Planetarium Incursions


Oasis in Space is an awe-inspiring journey through the universe and the solar system in search of other water worlds like Earth.

The structure of the Solar System is beautifully presented as we fly by the planets and their moons.


With amazing images zooming across the dome, the audience is surrounded by the sights and sounds of the outer space.


This 3D movie showcases magnificent galaxies, brilliant stars and astounding facts about planets, posing questions such as, is there life on other planets?


Earth is definitely a unique planet – see why in this exciting presentation.


An out of this world experience! A 3D movie by Spitz, makers of Black Holes: NASA.  


Suitable for students in years 1-10.

Mars Rover - Oasis in Space
Jupiter and Europa - Oasis in Space


Moon - Tilt
Earth's axis - Tilt

Join the siblings Annie and Max on a whirlwind adventure into outer space to find out how the seasons and day and night work.


It’s a crazy day when snow starts falling and it’s the middle of summer! But sometimes crazy days are just what you need to discover something new.


With fabulous visuals, learn about seasons, sun and shadows, day and night, and phases of the moon.


Produced by Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks, Museum Victoria.


Suitable for ages 5 and above.


Earth’s Wild Ride is an amazing 3D immersive experience - a thrilling timeline of pivotal moments in earth's history, pictured from an imaginary futuristic moon settlement during a solar eclipse in 2081 about:


  • the last ice age and woolly mammoths

  • an awesome asteroid impact

  • dinosaur extinctions and adaptation to environments

  • spectacular erupting volcanoes

  • a raging river ride in a canyon

  • the atmosphere and the water cycle


With stunning spectacular images zooming across the dome, the audience is transported to an awesome world.


A most entertaining educational experience presented by Immersive Earth Project, NASA. 


Suitable for ages 4 and above.

Volcano - Earth's Wild Ride
Dinosaur - Earth's Wild Ride


Making of a star
Making of a star

Discover how human thought and understanding of the cosmos has changed dramatically over the centuries (Aristotle to Newton). Compare the historical and current models of the solar system, and see how models are modified or rejected as a result of new scientific evidence.


With surround sound and spectacular immersive visuals, see how technological developments and scientific discoveries have significantly changed our understanding of the solar system and the universe.


Come explore how stars form and how x-rays from the forming star may impede the formation of planetary systems.


Funding provided by NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory, Smithsonian Institution, Colgate University, Ho Tung Visualization Lab.


Suitable for Stage 4 to Stage 6.


This show is about the life cycle of stars. Find out what lies in the destiny of a star.


From the birth of a star in a stellar nursery to its journey towards a red giant, a supernova or a black hole, Astralis explains these phenomena in a very easy narrative along with eye-catching visuals.


Suitable for ages 5 and above.

Life cycle of stars - Astralis
Life cycle of a star - Astralis


In addition to our 3D movies above, Stellarium is an interactive simulation of the real-time sky - a display of tonight's sky.


It displays the various components of the universe and our solar system and renders the sky as it would actually appear on the night of the show.


The first projection is the daytime sky at the current time.

Night visuals follow soon after and the following elements of the sky are discussed with great visual effects:


  • The Sun, Planets and Moon

  • Stars and Constellations

  • Sunrise and Sunset

  • Zodiac Signs

  • Nebulae and meteor showers


An informative and mesmerising planetarium experience.

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