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Schools Testimonials

"We feel so lucky to have been able to have the Cosmodome at our school. It was fascinating exploring the constellations and zooming in on a nebula! The 3D film “Oasis in Space” was enthralling and fit perfectly into our Year 6 unit of work. Our students were so excited to go into the dome and were equally as excited to talk about the experience and space at the end of the session – and they still haven’t stopped talking about it! We will definitely look for more opportunities to bring the Cosmodome and the wonderful staff back to our school."

- Mary-Anne Kefaloukos, Primary Science Teacher

“For the past few years, the Year 7 students at Moriah College have been lucky enough to experience the CosmoDome. The students are fascinated about the origin of the cosmos, the constellations visible in the night sky, the sun and moon and the make up of the planets in the solar system. This year we observed 'Oasis in Space' and the search to find water on other planets. The students were interested to know about facts of the inner planets and the gas giants. Our organiser Sim was professional, efficient and was able to deliver information to the appropriate age group. Students have been given follow up work in the resource pack which should aid their learning. The day linked in very nicely to the start of the Astronomy topic. I look forward to seeing iSkies return next year! Thank you again!”

- Toby Robinson, Science Teacher, Moriah War Memorial College,, Bondi Junction

“The Year 7s were so excited about the prospect of being inside the CosmoDome to experience ‘Earth’s Wild Ride’. Once inside, they were riveted by the show which took them to the outer cosmos and back while being comfortable lying on their backs on cushions. It covered many of the syllabus outcomes which also made it worthwhile. It was great fun for the students and the Science staff alike.”

- Gina Mitchell, Science Coordinator, Moriah War Memorial College, Bondi Junction

“My Year 3 and 4 students thoroughly enjoyed their experience in the iSkies CosmoDome. They were taken on an incredible journey through the night sky with fabulous visuals amazing their senses. They were transfixed by this session in the Stellarium, presented in an interesting, age-appropriate, stimulating way. It was a great way to learn and to be motivated to discover more.”

- Kathy Molloy, Assistant Principal, West Pennant Hills Public School

"Thank you! My eight Year 4 boys had a brilliant time. It was very special for them to go as a group. The presentation was excellent, very informative and made them feel like they were ‘…in space’!"

- Kerryn Watson, West Pennant Hills Public School

“There was an air of excitement as my class entered the library and saw the CosmoDome, a huge blue dome that almost filled the available space. With a little trepidation, they pushed their way through the squeezy doorway and into the domed dark room. The walls became a curved screen for them to view the pathway of the sun and planets. They were mesmerised. The second film about the earth also had them entranced. It really was like being in another world and an experience they will remember for a long time, I’m sure.”

- Jenny Rodgers, Yr 3 Teacher, Arden Anglican School, Beecroft

"The Cosmodome planetarium is such a great value incursion for the students! It really gets the students engaged in the space topics, gives them a deeper understanding of the content and provides practical application as it gives them specific instruction as to how to find stars in the night sky on their own. The 3D movie shown ‘Making of a Star and her Entourage’ aligns well with the syllabus content of the developing models of the universe (Aristotle to Newton) in the year 7 and year 11 physics courses. The presenter, Sim, also went out of her way to cater for the specific needs of our students."

- Meredith Legg, Science teacher, NBSC manly Selective Campus

"The movie ‘Making of a Star and her Entourage’ ticks all the boxes. It really was on the money for the stage we were at with Y11 Physics – I also enjoyed the tips for evening viewing."

- Eric Baker, Science teacher, NBSC Manly Selective Campus

“It was a fabulous experience for the children and it consolidated so much of what they have learnt. The worksheets look great also. Thank you so much!”

- Year 2 Teacher

“Thank you for the incredible Year 5 Science CosmoDome incursion you led, offering an immersive 3D journey through the solar system. Your expertise and knowledge were evident, and the students were thoroughly engaged. The additional resource handouts you provided were a valuable bonus, and your engaging, accommodating nature made our collaboration a pleasure. Thanks again for making this a memorable experience for our students. We had an amazing time and look forward to future incursions with iSkies!”

- Year 5 Teacher

“Thanks so much for helping to bring a really interactive and fun experience for our stage 2 kids they loved it from all accounts. I was disappointed I didn't get to see it but everyone who attended really enjoyed the experience. Thanks for your flexibility with the change of liaison at our end.”

- Stage 2 Assistant Principal

“Our year 5 and 6 students thoroughly enjoyed their Cosmodome Planetarium experience. We booked this incursion to enhance and supplement student learning in class this term in the science unit: ‘Earth and Space’. Students were engaged throughout the interesting presentation. This incursion was an engaging way to get students excited about the unit ahead and frontload key concepts and vocabulary. We also appreciated the ease of organising this affordable incursion from booking to completion.”

- Stage 3 Teacher


Libraries Testimonials

“Customers of Liverpool City Library thoroughly enjoyed the CosmoDome sessions. The novelty of the giant dome made a big splash with our customers. I can’t believe how comfortable it was inside the dome or how high the quality of the movies was. You really exceeded my expectations. I received many favourable comments from children and their parents. Parents were pleased to have something educational and entertaining for their children to attend. I am surprised at how much information the children retained after the session and they really listened and understood the presentation. I’m sure they’ll be talking about it for quite a long time. Thank you for your professionalism and flexibility.”

- Cheryl Dodson, Young People’s Librarian Liverpool Library

“CosmoDome was an extremely professional, informative and entertaining experience for Waverley Library’s young users. It was a painless way of absorbing quite sophisticated information about the history of the Earth. I would have no hesitation in inviting iSkies back to Waverley for a repeat performance.”

- Cathy Symonds, Children’s and Young Adult Librarian, Waverley Library


Shopping Centres Testimonials

“The CosmoDome presented a unique entertainment attraction for the Centre during the July school holidays. The 3D show was well received and generated a lot of interest from customers. It was a very informative and fun activity for kids and adults alike. The CosmoDome’s popularity was overwhelming and Winston Hills Mall would be pleased to have them return at another date in the future.”

- Anna-Lisa De Fague, Centre Management, Winston Hills Shopping Mall

“I recommend the CosmoDome to other shopping centres who are primarily targeting families in their marketing initiatives. The CosmoDome increased both centre traffic and average time spent in the centre through the school holidays period. But the icing on the cake was the flexibility and friendliness of the CosmoDome staff.”

- Cassandra Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager, Stanhope Village Shopping Centre
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